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LunaLEDs is located in Hong Kong  The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region PRC, a gateway to South China. Our clients are mainly located in China, Hong Kong at this moment and will be extended to the other countries.

LunaLEDs designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of high performance LED components and LED modules for use in the wide variety of applications, like solar powered LED street light, LED table lamp, traffic signals, portable lighting and full color video display etc. These are products engineered to save energy and promote environmental friendliness. Embracing LED's solid state technology as the illumination source, LunaLEDs offers high power, energy efficient, long life and environmental friendly advanced LED lighting solutions.

Our products reflect the latest technological advances and highest manufacturing techniques. LunaLEDs' excellent reputation for service, delivery lead time and technical support has developed through years of experience in the LED application field.

LunaLEDs has a tradition of maintaining extremely strong relationships with long time core customers, employees and suppliers, whilst fostering trust and commitment with new ones. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, followed by the building of long-term strategic partnerships with customers through consistent quality and responsiveness. With the progress of the basic technology and the increasing of uncertainty in the semiconductor industry, there will be a even more wide scope for development of this industry and LunaLEDs is very willing to develop with you. We are also committed to be of your business partner to build our relation.

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